Path “Faces of Botany – Part I” – explore on your own!

The path “Faces of Botany – Part I” is our proposal for you – our visitors – for a family walk in the Garden combined with fun and education 🙂

The path is dedicated primarily to families with children – we hope that it will interest the youngest and make the stay in the Garden more attractive, and on top of that will provide a portion of new knowledge – but nothing prevents other guests from using it as well 🙂

The game is to go through the Garden area according to the guidelines, found on the game card. The game card consists of two pages of riddles, the guessing of which will allow to learn the final password, and a map, located on the third page. The card also includes a mini glossary, which can help explain more difficult terms to the youngest.

Time to walk the entire path is about 1 hour.

Please note that the path contains sections that are inaccessible to strollers. Please pay attention to the signs. However, you can bypass them and continue the fun (the included map will help you find the right way).

We wish you a good time, beautiful weather and filled with smells and birdsong a wonderful time spent in the Garden 🙂