Dear All,

Welcome to the Botanical Garden of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Before using the space of the Botanical Garden, please read the Rules of the tour.

Entering the UAM Botanical Garden is tantamount to acceptance of these Regulations by the Visitor. The UAM Botanical Garden shall not be liable for incidents resulting from the Visitor’s ignorance of and failure to observe the Rules and Regulations.

Rules of visiting the Botanical Garden of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

§ 1

The Botanical Garden of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań is open to visitors daily during the hours listed on the website, Facebook and at the entrances to the Garden. Outside opening hours, admission to the Garden is possible under conditions agreed upon with the Director of the Botanical Garden or a person authorized by him.

§ 2

The Director of the Botanical Garden or a person authorized by him reserves the right to postpone the opening hours of the Garden or to temporarily close the Garden to Visitors.


For the safety of Visitors, in case of strong winds, storms or other dangerous weather phenomena, the UAM Botanical Garden remains closed.

§ 4

Admission to the UAM Botanical Garden is free.

§ 5

The educational activities of the UAM Botanical Garden are carried out, among other things, by making the collection available to visitors, educational boards and exhibitions presented in the Garden, and by organizing classes and educational tours. Educational offer and regulations for educational activities are available on the Garden’s website

§ 6

Taking photographs for personal use as souvenirs of the Botanical Garden does not require permission or payment of fees.

Professional photo/video shoots (i.e., wedding, communion and other sessions) and photo/video shoots carried out for commercial purposes (advertising shoots, for publications, for author’s portfolio) require permission from the Director of the Garden and payment of a fee in accordance with the price list.

§ 7

Visitors are allowed to move within the Garden only on designated paths and in areas open to the public.

§ 8

On the grounds of the UAM Botanical Garden, it is forbidden to pick plants and obtain plant material without the permission of the Director of the Garden. Some plants are steaming or poisonous, so for your own safety, do not touch, pick or eat parts of them, including fruit or seeds.

§ 9

The use of bicycles, scooters, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, skis and other vehicles is prohibited in the Garden. There are bicycle racks at the entrances to the Garden. Persons with disabilities are allowed to use wheelchairs or other mobility-enhancing vehicles, with the understanding that they are required to show proof of disability upon request from Garden staff.

§ 10

Lighting a fire, smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes and tobacco, drinking alcohol and using any stimulants are completely and absolutely prohibited in the Garden. It is forbidden to use objects that may disturb the peace (this includes sports equipment and playing equipment) or cause danger to others.

§ 11

The use of drones and flying models is prohibited in the Garden.

§ 12

It is forbidden to bring any animals into the Garden with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs of persons with disabilities, with the condition that, in order to exercise this right, the assistance dog must be equipped with a harness and the person with disabilities must have a certificate confirming the status of the assistance dog and a certificate of completion of the required veterinary vaccinations.

§ 13

Fishing, capturing and scaring animals is prohibited in the Garden.

§ 14

Conducting commercial activities on the premises of the Garden and in front of the entrances to the Garden is allowed only with the approval of the Director of the Garden.

§ 15

Any damage is the responsibility (including material liability) of the Visitor. In the case of damage done by children, the parents or guardians of the child are financially responsible.

§ 16

Visitors are required to take into account the risks associated with being in the Botanical Garden. Information on potential health and life risks is included on the Garden’s website

§ 17

Visitors are required to observe the opening hours and to leave the Garden before the gates close and to leave the parking lot. The UAM Botanical Garden is not responsible for items left on its grounds and vehicles parked in the parking lot.

§ 18

Persons disobeying the rules of visiting may be asked by the Garden staff to leave immediately. Violators of the rules and regulations in a blatant manner may be subject to sanctions under the Civil or Criminal Code.

§ 19

The Botanical Garden of the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan is not responsible for accidents and incidents caused by non-compliance with these rules and regulations, failure to observe the rules of use of the facility, as well as failure to comply with general safety rules.

§ 20

Any deviation from the rules of these regulations requires the approval of the Director of the Garden.

§ 21

In matters not covered by the regulations, binding decisions are made by the director of the Garden.