Risks during the tour

Dear All,

Below we draw your attention to the most significant dangers you may encounter while visiting the Botanical Garden of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Please use caution and common sense while visiting the Garden and follow the provisions of the Rules and Regulations for Visitors available at: https://ogrod.amu.edu.pl/en/en-regulamin-zwiedzania/.


Tripping, slipping, falling on uneven ground

Remember! Move only on the designated paths of the Garden and in areas open to the public. When walking, use caution. The surface of the paths may be uneven, overgrown with roots and slippery. Be especially careful in the Alpinarium area.

Risk of falling from a height

Remember! Trees and erratic boulders in the Garden are elements of the collection and composition and are not intended for climbing! Climbing on them risks falls, boulder landslides and injury.

Areas excluded from the tour

Remember! Entering the Garden’s farm areas or those marked as off-limits to visitors is prohibited and can be dangerous.

Technical vehicles and machinery

Watch out! Vehicles and machinery used for gardening work are working and moving in the Garden. Be careful and do not go near their work.

Electric shock

Watch out! Various mechanical devices are operating in the Garden. Do not touch the equipment and power points. This risks electrocution.

Danger from wild animals

There are wild animals in the Garden area, contact with which may be dangerous. Do not approach, frighten, call or feed them.

Stinging, scorching, poisonous plants

Some plants have sharp thorns or thorns, some plants secrete parching substances. There are also poisonous plants and mushrooms. For your own safety, do not touch, pick or eat them.

Bites and stings from insects and arachnids

Watch out! The Garden is home to a wide variety of insects and arachnids.

Risk of drowning

Don’t go near the banks of ponds, don’t go into the water in fountains and ponds or on the ice covering it. Although you can’t see it, some reservoirs are deep.

Falling branches, branches, breaking and toppling of trees

Be cautious and vigilant during windy weather; passing under trees can be dangerous.

Lightning strike

If you hear or see lightning approaching, head for the Garden exit. Avoid empty open spaces and lonely trees.


Remember, there are many organisms in the Garden that can cause allergies. If you suffer from allergies, be sure to take the proper medications for your walk.

Plant protection products

Various plant protection products are used in the Garden. Do not enter areas that are off-limits to visitors.

Snow and ice on the paths

Remember that the alleys and paths in the Garden are not cleared of snow, much less gritted with sand or salt. Be careful!


Entrance gatehouse tel: 61 829 20 14, 538 185 804

The gatehouse in the Exposition and Didactic Pavilion tel: 61 829 20 25, 538 185 054


We would like to inform you that the defibrillator is located in the Porter’s Lodge in the Exposition and Teaching Pavilion.