Index seminum


Monika Rękoś, M.Sc.

tel. +48 61 829 2026


The AMU Botanical Garden conducts an exchange of plant gene resources (spores, seeds and seedlings) with botanical gardens and arboretums at home and abroad. Stakeholder cooperation is based on 3 basic principles:

  • the principle of using the received material only for scientific and teaching purposes and to enrich the collection;
  • The principle of reporting the origin of plant material in the publication of research results and on sending publications to donors;
  • the principle of adhering to the above two principles in the further transfer of material.

Since its inception, the Garden has regularly published Index Seminum, a catalog of plant material offered for exchange. The first Selectus Seminum Anno 1925 Collectorum was published in 1926, and until 1978 it was published annually, with the exception of 1944-1946. Since 1978 the index of plant material has been published and sent out every two years. However, since 2008, Index Seminum has been published only in electronic form.

The first seed catalog contained 505 items. In recent years, the Garden has offered more than 1,500 seed samples collected mostly from natural sites and from plants of known provenance grown on the Garden’s grounds.

The exchange of plant material is conducted with more than 400 scientific institutions from 50 countries. Each year the Garden obtains dozens to hundreds of seed samples in this way. The plant material obtained in this way is used to enlarge and renew the existing collection.