Useful information

  1. The group enters the grounds of the UAM Botanical Garden through the service gate from Dabrowskiego Street (access through the narrow street behind the Energy Technical School).
  2. The doorman notifies the educator and directs the group to the Exposition and Education Pavilion.
  3. It is not possible to park a coach on the premises of the Garden. The coach can only enter the service gate on the grounds of the UAM Botanical Garden in order to leave or pick up the group. Places available for parking can be checked on the website of the Board of MIejski Roads in Poznań: Parking lots for tourist buses – Zarząd Dróg Miejskich w Poznaniu (
  4. The fee for participation in the class should be paid after the class is over in cash to the class instructor, picking up the payment receipt (receipt). It is advisable to prepare the deducted amount. You can also make payment by bank transfer. It is not possible to pay by card.
  5. A. Mickiewicz University does not issue simplified invoices. You can receive a transfer invoice after the implementation of the classes, sent by mail. The data necessary for issuing an invoice should be entered in the application form.

For details, please visit or call: 618292003 from 7:00 – 8:00 (at other times contact may be difficult due to educational activities taking place).