“Plants of the Silk Road” trail.

We have prepared a solution for all those who wish to visit Botanik in a virtual way, or virtual and off-road at the same time. This is the possibility of choosing a thematic path using the Google Earth platform.

To move to the desired path, just click on the box below:

Then click on the “present” box.
The next points on the path are visited by clicking on the arrows arrayed in the “table of contents.”
If the 3D map makes it difficult to explore, then you can switch it to 2D mode. Just feel the “map style” icon in the menu on the left.
In the newly expanded menu, find “enable 3D buildings” and turn off the option.
The next step is to return to the layer with the path via the “projects” icon.

Anyone who wants to see the Silk Road plants with their own eyes is encouraged to use the Google Earth app for mobile devices.

It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play platform

(Clicking on the logo will redirect directly to the Google store).

To launch the trail using an app on your phone, for example, just go to the Garden’s website and click on the orange box with the name of the trail, and your phone will open it by default in the Google Earth app.